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Saudi Arabia



Spring in Beijing

In March, Council Chairman Mr. Andrew Liao, then Acting President Professor Wei Shyy, and HKUST senior management joined alumni and exchange students for a drinks reception in Beijing. Participants enjoyed meeting friends, both old and new, and catching up with the University's latest developments, including the upcoming capital projects on campus.

Discussing blockchain

More than 220 alumni and friends gathered in Shanghai for their signature annual spring banquet with Vice-President for Institutional Advancement Professor Sabrina Lin to celebrate Chinese New Year. Before dinner, guests discussed the topic "Capital Markets, Blockchain, and Real Estate" in a forum hosted by several distinguished alumni. The inauguration of the Shanghai Chapter's executive committee's third session, headed by Han Yuze, was also announced. Other engaging forums and group activities were held during the year.

California dreaming

Alumni in Northern California have enjoyed several gatherings in the past couple of months. They spent a wonderful afternoon with then Acting President Professor Wei Shyy at a weekend lunch in July, and the School of Engineering's Alumni & Friends Reception was a great success. Professor David Zweig of the Division of Social Science hosted a memorable dinner, alumni soaked up the sun at the joint-university picnic, and attended the United Chinese Alumni Association's 2018 annual meeting in May for the first time ever! Thanks to keen support from alumni mentors, the mentorship program was recently launched, helping exchange students settle in smoothly and learn from graduates. Plus, the HKUST Northern California T-shirts are in the making!

Exchanges abroad

Before returning to Hong Kong, our exchange students at Georgia Tech in Atlanta were invited to a warm farewell gathering hosted by alumni, where they shared fond memories of the past semester together.

The Big Apple

Alumni from all backgrounds came together for a dinner organized by the Business School in New York in March. They spent a delightful evening making new connections and reminiscing about the good old days at HKUST.

A European tour

Business School Finance Professor and Executive Director (Career Development and Corporate Outreach), Professor Veronique. Lafon-Vinais, met with alumni in Paris and Milan in January to share the latest news about the School.

Canadian cheer

The past couple of months have been particularly eventful for alumni in Ontario. The Chinese New Year celebration in March was a highlight of the year! They also met alumni from other universities in Hong Kong for a dinner party in April, and made the most of the good weather with a joint cruise down the Grand River in July.

Tea in the desert

In May, alumni reunited with former staff members of KAUST in Saudi Arabia, a long-time close partner of HKUST, and exchanged stories over refreshing cups of tea.

Community connection

The broad spectrum of events in Singapore has long been attracting many alumni and students. In January, the general annual meeting marked a milestone for the Singapore Chapter as they looked back on successes of the past year. In April, whiskey aficionados enjoyed a tasting session for alumni, and volunteers supported Love Our Community and Love in Action by joining several activities to help the less privileged. June saw lively discussions about blockchain at a forum jointly organized with alumni from other universities.

A global city

Korean alumni met up for the first time in Lan Kwai Fong to celebrate the festive season together in December 2017, thanks to their enthusiastic coordination efforts. HKUST continues to attract more international students and many are choosing to stay in Hong Kong after graduation.

The Christmas spirit

The first ever alumni get-together in Seoul was held just before Christmas in 2017. Graduates of different professions spent a joyous evening together and it was a wonderful opportunity for those living in the same city to reconnect.